Google Releases 64-bit Version of Chrome for Windows

Google has finally released 64-bit stable version of Chrome browser for Windows, which is claimed to be more stable, fast and secure than the 32-bit version. Interested users having 64-bit Windows operating system can install it from this page, as it has not been pushed to the users by default yet.

As the Chrome team explains, the 64-bit version of Chrome has several benefits like performance improvements and stability.

chrome 64-bit

For example, the VP9 codec that’s used in High Definition YouTube videos shows a 15% improvement in decoding performance.

Google has been testing this version for past few months through pre-release builds, and this release is expected to fix issues like high system resource consumption and frequent browser crash. The 64-bit version of Chrome doesn’t support 32-bit NPAPI plug-ins, but this is not a major issue as NPAPI architecture is set to be removed from Chrome in favour of PPAPI plug-ins.

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