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Atlas Web Browser for Android is a new browser for Android devices with refreshing UI and customizable features. Built on the top of Android’s native rendering engine, Atlas offers features like built-in ad blocking, content filtering and page resources information. Currently in beta, Atlas is extremely light-weight and responsive.

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Features of Atlas Browser

  • Content Filter: The content filter setting of Atlas allows users to easily block annoying advertisements. It supports popular filter lists of Adblock Plus extension, and selectively filters contents from websites. If you don’t have a rooted Android phone to install Adblock Plus app on Android, you can try Atlas for ad-free browsing.
  • Browsing Mode: This setting enables users to switch between desktop mode and mobile mode of websites. In background, Atlas changes the User-Agent string, so that the websites serve content according to user’s preference.
  • Experience Mode: Atlas offers three experience modes: Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi and Text. The Hi-Fi mode is the normal browsing mode where browser loads entire webpage content. While in the Lo-Fi mode, it blocks JavaScript and media content to reduce bandwidth and load-time. Text mode loads text-only version of websites.
  • Remember Settings for Individual Websites: This is a pro feature of Atlas which remembers settings for individual websites. Hence, users can set different settings (content filter, browsing mode and experience mode) for different domain names.
  • Page Details: This option shows information like load performance and loaded resources for web pages.


  • Atlas doesn’t track users’ browsing activities or show ads or sponsored speed dial buttons, similar to few other browsers.
  • Content-centric and Material Design based user interface.

Apart from above features, Atlas has all the basic features offered by other popular browsers.

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BrowserNative‘s Rating: 5/5

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