Bitcoin Currency Converter Comes To Google Search

Google recently added a new feature in its currency conversion search results. Users can now easily convert Bitcoin to other currencies like US Dollars, GBP, AUD, Indian Rupees etc. For example, to convert 0.5 Bitcoin to USD, use the search query “0.5 Bitcoin in USD” and Google will display its onebox currency conversion results as shown in the following screenshot. This trick works for other currency combinations as well, and one may also use BTC for Bitcoin.


Google has this currency conversion feature for long, and supports almost all major currencies. Along with the current conversion rate, one can also see the past trends. Google Search also converts some other units like those of length, area, temperature, volume and time.

You can also get a featured online calculator just by using the search query “calculator” which has all basic and few advanced mathematical functions. Awesome!


Bitcoin is a crypto-currency and doesn’t have any centralized repository or control authority. The Bitcoin rates as shown by Google may vary from the actual market rate, so before making any transaction one should check from other reliable sources as well. Moreover, also offers this Bitcoin conversion feature.

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  1. Enter “10 btc to usd” in the Google search box and it will convert the bitcoin value to the USD $. Wow. Thanks for sharing the trick.

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