How To Block Interstitial Ads in Opera Mini?

As reported earlier, Opera Mini now show annoying interstitial advertisements. These ads block your browsing activities and there seems no way to opt-out of them.


Thankfully, we have discovered a clever way to stay away from Opera’s interstitial advertisements on Android platform. Opera recently launched a Beta version of Opera Mini with a refreshing user interface and simplified menu option. The UI of this beta version is quite similar to Opera’s regular Android browser, which indicates that Opera may unify Opera Mobile and Opera Mini in coming days, like they did on iOS.

Well, another good thing about this Opera Mini beta version is that there is no interstitial ads! You can install it from Google Play and enjoy ad-free web browsing with Opera’s compression benefits.

opera mini beta

As this is a beta version, you may face some issues and bugs as well. I’ve been using it since its launch, and never got any issue. In fact, the beta build works quite well and its refreshing interface is very impressive. It supports all existing features of Opera Mini stable version like server-side compression, synchronization of bookmarks etc.

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