Caps Lock on Chromebook

Chromebooks have very minimal keyboard, so you may miss several keys including the Delete key and Caps Lock key. I don’t have exact idea why these two essential keys have been dropped by Google, but thankfully, there are certain key combinations to bring back their functionality.

As described in this post, you can use Alt + Backspace keys together for deleting on Chromebooks. Similarly, press Alt + Shift or Alt + Search keys together for toggling Caps Lock feature. This means that you need to press these keys combinations for turning on and turning off Caps Lock on Chromebooks. As there is no dedicated ‘Caps Lock” button on the Chromebook keyboard, this trick would be quite handy for you.


On using the above key combination for Caps Lock, you would see a related notification as shown in the above screenshot.

Another solution is to use a third-party keyboard with your Chromebook. You can connect any compatible wired or wireless keyboard (and mouse) with your Chromebook. I believe that keyboards of all leading brands should work properly with ChromeOS, but you must verify compatibility before purchasing a new one.

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