Set DuckDuckGo As Default Search Engine in Firefox on Android

Firefox for Android comes with many pre-set search engines including Google as the default one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include which is considered to be most privacy-friendly search engine on the web. Thankfully, Firefox for Android (and the desktop version as well) allows users to add more search engines to the browser and customize their search settings.

Here are the steps to add DuckDuckGo search engine to the Firefox on Android, which should be the same for other providers as well. First of all, visit in a browser tab and long tap in the search box. This would open a panel on the top, as shown in the following screenshot:


Now, tap on the magnifying glass icon on the right, which would prompt you to add search engine to the Firefox. Follow it to add the search engine to the browser. Thus, you have added DuckDuckGo to the Firefox. Next step would be making it the default search engine. For this, open the settings page from the main menu and select the “Search” option:


In Search settings, you can see all the search engines added to the Firefox. Tap on DuckDuckGo (or any other, if you want) to make it the default search engine. Hence, you can directly search on DuckDuckGo from the address bar (which is similar to Chrome’s omnibox) of the Firefox on Android.

3 thoughts on “Set DuckDuckGo As Default Search Engine in Firefox on Android”

  1. “For this, open the settings page from the main menu and select the “Search” option:”

    Main menu of WHAT? Firefox? There is no menu anywhere that contains “settings page.” How did you come up with that screen shot? Maybe this is Windows-specific; I’m on a Mac.

    From the DuckDuckGo search drop-down menu, I selected “Manage Search Engines…” and moved DuckDuckGo to the top of the list. Opened a new tab, and voíla.

  2. i have installed duckduckgo plus in firefox desktop, and on firefox android.
    however none of the intructions above will work for me.
    in both cases duck does not appear in my search engine options.
    therefor cannot set it as default.
    any advice or suggestions?

  3. Same. Duck is no longer coming up as set default and now a menu option below the searh bar is offering ALL the other search engines every time I type something in and Duck has to constantly re-selected. What gives?

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