Chrome 65 Update Released

Google Chrome team has pushed Chrome 65 to the stable build on Windows, Linux and Mac. Chrome users would receive this update over the time in coming days. The latest stable version of Google Chrome browser, v 65.0.3325.146, contains several bug fixes, performance improvements and new features.

Google has rewarded several independent developers for discovering bugs and security issues in Chrome. This update contains 45 such fixes, listed on the official release blog post. Some of these bugs and security issues have not been disclosed publicly yet in order to save users from a possible malicious attack.

chrome 65

Automatic Update

Users should be aware that the Google Chrome updates automatically in background, without requiring any manual action from their side. This automagic update is one of the best features of Chrome. But several malicious apps, websites and advertisers trick users for urgent chrome update. Unfortunately, many users fall for this trick, and end up installing unwanted spammy adware programs on their computer. This practice is very common on Android platform as well.

To check current version of your Chrome installation or manually check for update, visit Chrome menu > Settings > About Google Chrome. Alternatively, one can enter chrome://settings/help in the address bar, which should load the same settings page.

New Features for Developers

The Chrome 65 also brings several new and experimental features for the developers. In the following video, Chrome team describes new DevTools features introduced with Chrome 65:

In short, Chrome 65 has got Local Overrides, new performance and SEO audits in the Lighthouse (the built-in Audit tool of Chrome DevTools), new Changes tab to track changes made locally in DevTools etc. The new SEO audit tool checks webpages for certain specific SEO guidelines, and helps webmasters to ensure that their webpages are optimized for search engine results ranking.

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