Disable Search and URL Suggestions in Chrome’s Omnibox on Android

If you use Chrome on Android and want to disable omnibox search and URL suggestions, follow this tutorial. Similar to the Chrome for desktop platforms, Chrome on Android also shows search query and URL suggestions when a user types in its address bar (omnibox).

These suggestions, as shown in the first screenshot below, may be useful for some of you. But if these suggestions annoy you, and you want to disable this feature of Chrome, you can uncheck its option in the Privacy settings of Chrome.


Go to Chrome menu > Settings > Privacy.




Now, you would see the option “Search and URL suggestions”. Uncheck the checkbox in front of this option, as shown in the screenshot below:


This should disable the annoying URL and related keyword suggestions in the omnibox.

You should leave other settings, “Navigation error suggestions” and “Network action predictions”,  turned on as these improve browsing experience. The last option ‘Do Not Track’ may be enabled, which directs websites to not track your usage behavior. Unfortunately, this preference is not respected by most of the sites.