Chrome Apps Coming Soon to the Mobile Platforms

This may not be new for some of you, as the Google team has been experimenting with this for long, and we have seen few confirmations from Googlers as well. Chrome team is working on a very exciting feature for Chrome Apps: support for mobile platforms.

Currently, Chrome users can install and use Chrome Apps on desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS), but this upcoming feature would enable Chrome users on Android and iOS to use the Chrome packaged apps. In the following video, Pete LePage from Chrome team explains this briefly:

LePage also informs that in coming days, Chrome Web Store (CWS) would not disappoint users of other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. They would be able to install Chrome Apps, as the CWS would bundle the standalone Chrome runtime along with these apps. This simply means that the users wouldn’t need to have Chrome installed on their computers in order to use the Chrome Apps.

Interested developers should take a look on this GitHub project page.