Chrome Web Store Extensions Work Flawlessly With New Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge team has released pre-release builds of Chromium-based Edge browser. As announced earlier, Microsoft Edge browser would move away from its proprietary EdgeHTML rendering engine to the Chromium engine.

Edge team has decided to maintain four release channels (stable, beta, dev and canary) for Chromium-based browser, similar to the Google Chrome. As of now, only dev and canary builds for Windows 10 platform are available to download and install. Installers for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and macOS will be available in coming days.

Extension Support

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge would have full support for Chrome extensions. This means that the users should be able to install and use existing Chrome extensions with the Edge browser without any compatibility issue. Moreover, Edge team has decided to add support for Google’s official extension store, the Chrome Web Store (CWS). It looks like Microsoft would keep maintaining its own store for extensions, apart from support for CWS. The Microsoft Edge extensions store lists only verified extensions, unlike the Chrome Web Store.

Users need to manually enable installation of extensions from CWS, as shown in the following screenshots:


We tried many extensions from CWS, and most worked properly. We believe that the certain Chrome Extensions APIs like and chrome.identity would also work in future builds.


Support for CWS is definitely a good decision taken by Edge team, which is equally beneficial for the users and the developers both.

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