Browse As Guest : Chrome Feature

Google Chrome recently added a new and quite useful feature which allows users to use it in guest mode. One can use Google Chrome in guest mode which is actually a new user profile having only the default settings and options. You can browse the web without interfering with your user data like cookies, saved bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, installed extensions and apps. The guest browsing mode can be also used for sharing the browser with friends and family.

As explained in this article, the guest browsing mode is totally different from the incognito mode (private mode). In the incognito mode, you can still access your browsing data (including saved passwords, history, bookmarks etc.). Installed extensions can also be enabled for the incognito mode. While, the guest mode doesn’t have access to existing user data. Similar to the incognito mode, browsing data is cleared on closing all guest mode windows.

Browse Chrome in Guest Mode


To launch Google Chrome in guest mode, open the profile switcher window from the new profile management menu. You should notice the option to launch Chrome in the guest mode, as shown in the above screenshot.

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