75% Chrome traffic is now over HTTPS

Google today launched .app TLD during the I/O 2018. It is the first open and secure top level domain, which means anyone can register a .app domain without any restriction. Also, the .app websites are required to run over HTTPS by default. Entire .app TLD is included in the HSTS preload list used by all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This ensures that the browser will automatically switch to HTTPS for all .app websites.

During the launch session of .app TLD, Google team shared an interesting information: around 75% traffic of Chrome is now over HTTPS! This includes Chrome on Windows and Android.


This HTTPS traffic in Chrome was around 25-35% in 2015. There are many reasons behind this huge growth: increase in privacy awareness, free SSL/TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt and push from big companies like Google etc. Browser vendors are now even marking HTTP sites as insecure. There are many web hosts and web services offering free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates like DreamHost, Firebase and WordPress.com.

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