Chrome Notifications Integrated With Windows 10 Action Center

The latest canary build of Chrome on Windows, version 68.0.3418.3, brings a much-awaited feature. Chrome notifications are now integrated with the Windows 10 Action Center, which means that the notifications sent by websites, installed apps and extensions will now appear in the operating system’s notification center.

Here are the screenshots of previous and current versions of the notification appearance:



This new feature is currently available in the latest canary builds, and should arrive in the regular stable version of Chrome in coming weeks. Interestingly, along with basic notifications, rich notifications with images and action buttons would also appear in the Action Center.


Chrome on macOS already has the similar feature, where Chrome’s notifications appear in the native notification center of the macOS.

This new feature would allow notifications to persist in the Action Center even if the user closes down Chrome. Moreover, users can manage notification settings directly from the Action Center. The native notifications on Windows makes Chrome better integrated with the operating system.

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