How to Save Online PDF Files in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has built-in support for PDF files, just like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. In fact, Chrome was the first browser to introduce this feature. Whenever you browse any online PDF file, Chrome renders it with in the browser almost similar to web pages. Hence, you don’t need to install any PDF viewer application on your computer  –  Chrome is enough for that. So, you may now forget the ever updating Adobe Reader. This feature also enables you to view offline PDF files saved locally on your computer.

This approach allows you to view online PDF files quickly, without downloading first and then using any third-party application. But in few cases, you may want to save the online PDF files to your computer. For saving PDF files, one could use the usual CTRL + S keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, right click anywhere on the PDF document and choose the “Save as…” option in the appeared context menu.

Force Download

Some users may wish to disable the above native rendering feature, and want to directly download the PDF files. For this, you need to disable the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin from the chrome://plugins page as shown in the following screenshot:


Once you disable the above plugin, Chrome would stop showing up PDF files in the browser, and PDF would be treated as other general file formats.

Bonus Tip: Use Google Drive Viewer to open online PDF files

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