Chrome fixes a big annoyance with web fonts

Chrome developers recently fixed a serious issue related with the web fonts. Soon, Chrome would make text visible if the web font loading takes longer than 3 seconds. This change would help users, specially those on slower internet connections.

Currently, if a web page is using web fonts, Chrome doesn’t render its text until the fonts get downloaded. Sometimes, this may take longer and hence results in to poor browsing experience. Firefox, on the other hand, doesn’t block rendering of text while waiting for the web fonts. It displays the text with the fallback fonts specified by the web page, and updates text once the web font downloading completes.


Chrome team has decided to follow Firefox here. The future builds of Chrome and all Blink based browsers would wait for 3 seconds to complete the downloading of web fonts, during which the text would remain invisible. But, if the web font fails to be available after 3 seconds, browser would render text with the fallback fonts.

This change, issue #171823002, is yet to land to the stable builds of Chrome.

(Image credit: MaxCDN)

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