How to Check Battery Health of Chromebook

If you own a Chromebook or any other ChromeOS device, here is a useful trick to check battery health and performance. In order to check your battery’s health, launch the Chrome OS developer shell by pressing CTRL + ALT + T keys, and execute the command battery_test 0. As shown in the following screenshot, this would result the battery health and current discharging rate.

chromebook battery life

Hence, you can have an idea about your battery’s health. Chromebooks generally have longer battery backup, may be because of the light-weight ChromeOS operating system.

And, if you are just surprising about the Chrome OS developer shell, it is the command line interface available on the Chrome OS devices similar to other platforms like Windows and Linux, but does not offer much features and functionalities.

10 thoughts on “How to Check Battery Health of Chromebook”

  1. How does this help you? I does not tell you the battery’s capacity, and also how much it is filling up per charge so you can divide it by what its rated for to get a percentage of how much it is actually charging. Does this make sense? I’m sort of new at this.

  2. thanks for the cool tip. Chromebooks have great battery life. Can someone expect such a great power performance from other windows laptops with comparable price?

    Recently bought a Acer Chromebook, and it is the best buy ever for me.

  3. Just wanted to know everyone to consider the fact that Chromebooks are quite new thing, and you may end up not finding a replacement battery for your device after warranty period.

    I had bought a Samsung Chromebook through my friend in US and imported back to me in India …. and its battery started discharging so quickly after three months. Now, I have to plug to power source in order to use it. I couldn’t find any replacement battery for my chromebook.

    Buying chromebook was the worst decision … …

  4. For some reason This didn’t work and I got a message saying no battery detected, plug in your battery and restart your computer. Can anyone help? Thanks

  5. I own a Chromebook 2. Best decision ever! I love my new computer, and I like how you can easily access Crosh (ctrl-alt-t for those of you who didn’t know). I have had it for almost a year, and it has not failed to satisfy me. I still am not totally up-to-date with how to properly use Crosh, but I am learning!
    I would definitely recommend this computer to anyone who is interested. I am actually using my Chromebook to write a review on Chromebooks! 🙂 I think that the keyboard is really nice and easy to use, too.
    And to Sonu-
    I would refresh your computer or restart the program. Maybe shut the computer down and charge it if the battery power is low.
    If anyone could help me better understand Crosh, that would be great!
    Thanks in advance,
    Fatespeaker 🙂

  6. crosh> battery_test
    No test length specified. Defaulting to 300 seconds.
    Battery is discharging (75.65% left)
    Battery health: 86.40%
    Please wait…

  7. crosh> battery_test
    No test length specified. Defaulting to 300 seconds.
    Battery is discharging (5.99% left)
    Battery health: 85.20%
    Please wait…
    Battery discharged 0.51% in 300 second(s).

  8. I bought one a samsung 3 and all it will do is freeze on the opening chrome logo screen and then cut off it wont do anything I even tried to factory reset it wont even do that its shows it charging the light turns green when fully charged but will not do anything else

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