VPN on Chromebook? Use Hola Unblocker

If you are looking for a way to setup VPN on your Chromebook or other ChromeOS device, here is the simplest way to achieve it, without requiring any geeky setup or hack. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to browse the internet securely and anonymously, which means users can access certain content blocked or unavailable in their country or network.

Popular free VPN provider Hola offers browser extensions and VPN clients for all leading web browsers and platforms including Google Chrome and Android. Since, the ChromeOS is built up around Chrome browser, Hola’s Chrome extension works fine on Chromebooks. Hence, you can enjoy free VPN access just by installing this extension from Chrome Web Store.  You can also use Hola VPN extension for accessing sites like Spotify which are available only in certain country.

Chromebook VPN

Hola VPN extension doesn’t require any registration for free but limited bandwidth use. You can register and upgrade your plan if required. It has proxy servers in many countries like USA, UK, Canada etc. After installing the extension, you can enable it and set your preferences by clicking on its button on the browser toolbar as shown in the above screenshot.

(Bonus: To test you public IP address, visit this page created by me, which shows various other parameters along with the IP address.)

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4 thoughts on “VPN on Chromebook? Use Hola Unblocker”

  1. how to run tunnelbear vpn on chromebook? I’ve a premium plan of tunnelbear, and sad to know that it doesn’t work with my chromebook laptop.

  2. IMHO, ZenMate is a better VPN extension for Chrome and Chromebooks, than Hola!

    Install ZenMate from chrome store, it is free as well.

  3. Thanks for the article. I personally use the UnoTelly DNS option. It’s ideal for content streaming because unlike VPNs, there is no internet speed loss when using it.

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