Caps Lock on Chromebook

How to enable Caps Lock on Chromebooks, as there is no dedicated Caps Lock button on Chromebook keyboard? Learn the keyboard shortcut.

“OK Google” On Chromebooks

Chromebook users can now opt-in for “OK Google” hotword-hardware detection, which sets up Chromebooks to the always listening mode, similar to Google Now Launcher’s “OK Google” detection from any screen.

Chromebooks in India

Chromebooks would start gaining popularity in developing countries like India with the increase in usage of cloud-based services. And for that, faster, reliable and cheaper internet connectivity is a must.

Reset Chromebook Using Powerwash To Solve System Issues

If you are facing any critical issue with your Chromebook or other ChromeOS devices, the easiest way to fix it is powerwashing the device. Powerwash resets Chromebook to be just like the new, and hence should fix most of issues related with the user account and settings.