Mozilla Should Build A Desktop Operating System

I believe that the operating system from Mozilla would be truly open and standard compliant. For example, there would not be just Google Drive as storage option, but the users would be able to save his data to any cloud storage provider.

Play FLV Videos on Chromebook

Developer Kyle Graehl has created a small “FLV Player” app for the Chrome users to play FLV videos, which works offline as well.

Chromebooks Gain Around 1% PC Market Share

According to the market research firm IDC, Google’s ChromeOS has gained almost 1% of the PC market. Around 314.6 million PCs and 2.5 million Chromebooks were sold in the year 2013

Delete Key on Chromebook

Although the Chromebooks don’t have a dedicated Delete key, you can use a preset keys combination to function as the Delete button.