Chromium To Get Support For MP3

Chromium, the open source project behind Google Chrome, Opera and several other browsers, is going to support MP3. This would enable users and websites to play MP3 files in Chromium browser. A Chromium contributor informed about this, “We have approval from legal to go ahead and move MP3 into non-proprietary codecs list”.  The MP3 support in Chromium is targeted for version 62.

MP3 is a proprietary format and that’s why its support is not available in the open source Chromium project. On the other hand, MP3 is well supported on Chrome along with few other proprietary components.

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Just to remind you here, Chromium also supports PDF files now, which was not available in past due to similar licensing restrictions. Google later announced PDFium project in association with Foxit, and open sourced PDF rendering plugin of Chrome.

(h/t @mrdoob)

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