Delete Google Search Widget History on Android Home Screen

The Google Search box on Android’s home screen is quite useful as it makes searching on mobile devices quite handy. It also keeps a record of all your search queries for future usage. Five most recent items from this search history appear every time you start typing in the search box, as shown in the screenshot below: 


Want to delete any particular item from the Google Search widget history on Android home screen? You can delete these history items using two methods: directly from the widget itself, and from your Google Search History page.

To quickly remove any particular item from the Google Search widget history, simply long tap on it, which would prompt you to delete that search query:


As the prompt message says, when you delete any item from the widget search history, it would be removed from your Google account across all the connected devices, as the search history is synchronized by default.

Another method to delete your search history items is to visit the Google Search History page, where you can see and clear your search history. This method is quite useful for deleting multiple entries at once.

As you can see, this Google Search History page shows your entire Google search history (search queries from all your devices). You can also control and clear your location history, YouTube watch and search history, voice search history etc. From the Voice and Audio Activity page, you can even play your previous voice search inputs.

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