How to Delete Omnibox History in Chrome

Chrome’s address bar, the Omnibox, is one of the most attractive features of Google’s browser. It combines the search box and location bar into a single component, which allows users to search and navigate web easily. It also shows suggestions for queries in real time, as the user types in. Users can also enable the Chrome Instant from the settings, so that the search results appear instantly as the users type queries in the omnibox.

omnibox history delete

Although the omnibox is a very useful feature, it may be annoying sometimes. Chrome remembers omnibox history, and users can opt for synchronizing it across multiple devices. Hence, your omnibox entries are accessible on your other connected devices as well. Some users may want to get rid of their omnibox suggestions and history. Follow these steps to clear your omnibox history data:

Turn off Omnibox History sync

chrome omnibox history sync disable

If you use Chrome Sync for synchronizing and backing up your browsing data, you need to turn off the omnibox history sync first. To check the current status of your omnibox history items, visit this page. To turn off the omnibox history sync, go to Settings (from the main menu of Chrome) > Sign in > Advanced sync settings, uncheck the box for it and click on the OK button, as shown in the above screenshot.

Delete History and Autofill form data


Next step is to delete your browsing history and saved autofill form data. For this, press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE keys together and select the related options. Once you clear these data, close and restart the Chrome. Your omnibox history should get cleared now.

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