Disable Suggested Articles on New Tab Page of Chrome for Android

Google Chrome browser on Android recently got an unwanted feature: Suggested Articles on the new tab page. On new tab pages of Chrome for Android, Google lists suggested articles for you, which are based on Web & App Activity of your Google account. This feature is almost similar to the Feeds of Google Now launcher.


Apart from the suggested articles on new tab page, Chrome for Android recently started pushing notifications for such articles (see following screenshot for example), which is very annoying.


Well, I don’t find these suggested articles useful for me. I don’t know why Google assumes that every Indian is interested in Bollywood and cricket by default (I’m from India).

Disable Suggested Articles

I couldn’t find any direct way to disable this crap. Earlier, there was a Chrome Flag to kill this feature but it has gone now. Surprisingly, there seems a way to easily disable the suggested articles although it is not meant for this. If you want to disable the Suggested Articles feature, just turn off the “Search and site suggestions” option in Settings > Privacy.


According to the description of this option, it should be related with the search terms and websites suggestions while typing in the address bar. When you turn off this option to disable the suggested articles, search suggestions in the omnibox would also get disabled. Chrome should provide a separate option to disable just the suggested contents.

Disable Notifications

Notifications for suggested articles are quite annoying. As far as I’ve checked, the notification feature seems to be available only on certain handsets. I couldn’t find this option on Pixel 2, but it is present on the Xiaomi Redmi 5. So, if you are getting such notifications (as shown in the second screenshot above), turn off the “Content Suggestions” option under the Settings > Notifications.


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4 thoughts on “Disable Suggested Articles on New Tab Page of Chrome for Android”

  1. Actually the Chrome Flag is still there, just in a different place. First type the following “chrome://flags” in the url box. Then type “#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions” and in the drop down list select DISABLE and the relaunch the browser. That’s it. Remember to remover the ” when typing the above terms.

  2. Doesn’t work! As of Android 8.0.0, Chrome 68.0.3440.91 they’ve changed the wording to “Search and URL suggestions” and the description has also changed and it doesn’t work.

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