Dolphin Float Browser: Link Bubble Clone From Dolphin

Dolphin browser team has released a Link Bubble clone, Dolphin Float, for Android platform. Similar to Link Bubble, Dolphin Float loads links in background and enables users to easily switch between apps and browser.

When a user clicks a link inside any app and selects Dolphin Float to open it, the Dolphin Float starts loading it in background, without launching the browser UI immediately. Hence, user can keep using the app while page is loading in Dolphin Float. Once page loading completes, the on-screen floating icon of Dolphin Float starts glowing. User can now tap on the icon to view the page in a pop-up overlay, and easily switch back to the app in one tap.

dolphin float browser

Dolphin Float can load multiple links (tabs) in background, which is a ‘pro feature’ in Link Bubble.

Dolphin team is advertising Dolphin Float as an add-on for the Dolphin Browser, but it a standalone product which doesn’t require Dolphin browser. It renders web pages using Android’s native rendering engine.

Install Dolphin Float from Google Play.

BrowserNative‘s Rating: 4.5/5

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