Dolphin Zero is a cool Incognito Browser for Android

MoboTap, the small company behind popular Dolphin browser for Android and iOS, has released another cool product for Android users. It has released a small Android browser, Dolphin Zero, with an interesting feature.

The Dolphin Zero will automatically delete user’s browsing data on closing, similar to incognito mode of other browsers.

Dolphin Zero is not aimed to be the default browser of the users. It doesn’t offer advanced features of Dolphin or any other standard browser. With minimal design and features, Dolphin Zero would be quite useful for the users who need a secondary browser for special purposes like logging to a separate account etc.

dolphin zero browser

There are several differences between the Dolphin browser and Dolphin Zero, like the standard Dolphin browser supports add-ons and themes, keeps user data on closing, tabbed browsing, supports gestures and Sonar etc. While the Dolphin Zero deletes entire browsing history, form data, cached files, cookies and location data. The Do-Not-Track setting is also enabled by default to inform websites to not track user’s browsing activities.

MoboTap also offers a third browser product, Dolphin Mini, on Android platform which is a light-weight version of standard Dolphin browser.

Interested users can install Dolphin Zero from Google Play Store.

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