How to Add Filters List to AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus extension blocks ads and other annoying elements or resources on the web pages based on the rules called as filters. Commonly known filters are listed into Filters Lists – and users can subscribe to these filters lists. By doing so, all the blocking rules (filters) mentioned in the lists are applied for the users. Most popular Adblock Plus (ABP) filter list is EasyList – and it is already included & enabled in the ABP extension by default.

There are several other popular filters lists which users can subscribe to their ABP setup and block advanced tracking components. Let’s see how you can subscribe to (add) a custom filters list in ABP. Note that this tutorial is for ABP extension for Chrome, but the process should be same for other browsers too.

As shown in the above video, you need to open the options page of ABP first. This can be done by right clicking on the toolbar icon of ABP, and selecting the “Options” (see this video for help). On the Options page of ABP, you would find a button “Add Filter Subscription” on the first tab.


Click on this button, and scroll to the bottom of the appeared drop-down list. Now, click on the last option “Add a different subscription”. This should open two input boxes, one for the subscription title and another for the filter list location. While the first input box is optional, you should enter a valid URL pointing to your custom filters list in the second input box.

For example, you can enter the following URL for subscribing to NoCoin filters list:


Now, click on the Add button to subscribe to this list. The list would be downloaded and activated within few seconds. All the filters present in the list would be applied automatically. Moreover, the ABP would update the filters list periodically by itself.

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