Set Google the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser of Windows 10, and it is definitely a serious competitor for the leading third-party web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Although, Edge doesn’t offer many essential features and customization settings, thankfully one can add more search engines and even change the default search engine easily.

Microsoft’s own is the default and only available search engine in Edge browser. All search queries made through the omnibox of Microsoft Edge are sent to this default search engine. You can add more search engines to Microsoft Edge and set any of them as the default one, to use that directly from the omnibox (the search box on the new tab page).

In the following video, I’ve demonstrated the process of setting Google as the default search engine of Edge. This process should be same for other leading search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yandex etc.


To begin, first visit the Google’s homepage. Now open Settings > Advanced Settings, and click on <Add new> option in the dropdown menu under the “Search in address bar with” section. This would show you the list of suggested search providers depending upon your browsing history. Google should be there, click on it and then add it as the default.

google default search engine microsoft edge

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