IDM Extension for Google Chrome

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the most popular downloading tools available for the Windows users. It is light-weight, easy-to-use and integrates effectively with the web browsers to simplify the downloading process.

When you install IDM on your computer, it silently installs its browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome etc. These extensions help you to easily grab files, videos and other types of data from websites. With these extensions installed, downloading online media becomes just one-click process. Users can enjoy faster downloading with IDM right from their browser.

Unfortunately, IDM doesn’t provide its extensions on browser vendors’ add-on galleries, like Mozilla’s AMO and Google’s Chrome Web Store. This could be because of tough rules and guidelines of these add-on stores, for example, Chrome Web Store doesn’t allow extensions for downloading  videos from specific sites. So, if you are looking for the IDM extension for Google Chrome, don’t install any misleading extension with similar name from Chrome Web Store as it may be an adware or spyware. IDM ships its browser extensions along with its installer, so install the IDM application on your computer to use its extensions.

It is important to mention here that Google Chrome has imposed a new policy recently, which disables silently installed extensions on Windows, like the IDM Integration Module. These extensions often come bundled with third-party applications like IDM, and get installed without user’s consent. Most of such extensions contain spyware and adware, and make browser unstable.

Enable IDM Integration Module in Chrome


When you install IDM on your Windows computer, it also installs its IDM Integration Module Chrome extension. But, due to above restriction of Chrome, the extension is disabled by default and you need to enable it manually from the extensions page. To enable the IDM Integration Module, visit Chrome’s extensions page from Menu > Settings > Extensions (or, simply type chrome://extensions in the address bar). You would find all installed extensions on this page including the IDM Integration Module. Click on the “Enable” check box in front of it, as shown in the above screenshot.

Once enabled, you can enjoy downloading media (audio and video) and other file types from websites right in the Internet Download Manager.  If you don’t trust IDM and facing any stability issue after installing it, you should disable the extension, or even remove it from Chrome by clicking on the “Delete” icon next to the Enable checkbox.

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  1. I removed IDM from my computer because it was marked by my antivirus software. but it removed the above IDM extension for chrome as well. How can I re-install only the IDM chrome extension for free? I don’t want to install the complete download manager as I don’t have the valid serial key for the IDM. Is the separate chrome extension available?

  2. @Naushad in order to use IDM extension you have to have IDM installed. You can tjust use IDM extension without the program.

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