Import Bookmarks, History, Saved Passwords etc. From Chrome to Firefox

If you have been facing problems with Google Chrome, and want to switch (back?) to Mozilla Firefox, here is a cool tip for you. You can import your browsing data from Chrome to Firefox and vice versa. By doing so, you can retain your saved links (bookmarks) and other data in the new browser setup. The import process is quite easy and takes just few seconds to complete. Follow these steps to import browsing data from Chrome to Firefox.


From the menu bar of Firefox, go to Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B). This would launch the bookmark manager window as shown in the following screenshot. Now, choose the option “Import Data from Another Browser …” present in the “Import and Backup” menu.  The next window will showup the list of supported browsers installed on your computer. Choose Google Chrome (or the Microsoft Internet Explorer), and proceed. On the next screen, you can choose the items to import (Cookies, Browsing History, Bookmarks etc.). Select the desired items, and click on the “Next” button. The importing process should complete within few seconds. All your browsing data should be accessible in the Firefox.


You can also import your browsing data from Firefox to Google Chrome. For this, enter this URL in the address bar of Chrome: chrome://settings/importData, which will open the following panel with option to import history, search engines, saved passwords and bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Firefox.


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