Improve Chrome Performance on Windows and Android With This Tweak

Here is a small but quite effective tip shared by Reddit user erythrocytes64 which improves Chrome’s performance on all platforms including Windows and Android. If your Chrome installation is performing poorly, or you are using a low–configuration device, you should implement this trick and see if it works for you.

This trick uses Chrome’s built-in ‘experimental’ feature which directs the browser to use maximum system resource and hence improves the performance and stability of Chrome. For this trick, open the Chrome Flags page by typing chrome://flags in the omnibox (address bar) and search for the option “Maximum tiles for interest area”. Alternatively, you can directly open the address chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area to reach this setting. Now set the value of this option to 512, which is maximum, and restart the browser.


Chrome team has not provided any meaningful description of this flag, so I’m not really sure if it works as claimed. I tried this on Windows, Chromebook and Android, and noticed small improvement on the Android, specially for scrolling the web pages. Currently, this experimental tweak is hidden behind a flag and may become a regular feature in future.

Another Chrome flag worth trying is the “Enable Offline Cache Mode”, which directs Chrome to load pages from browser cache when offline.

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