Top Indian News Website Blocks Ad Blockers

Top Indian news website has started blocking content for the visitors using ad blocking tools. Indiatimes is India’s top news website, having Alexa ranks 11th in the country and 130th globally. It is backed by Times Internet group, which publishes several leading Indian news papers including the Times of India, Navbharat Times and The Economic Times. hosts websites of these popular publications on its subdomains.

When Indiatimes detects that the visitor has enabled any ad blocking tool (browser extension or built-in option as in Opera), it hides the page content and shows a message with the instructions to disable ad blocking in different web browsers, as shown in the following screenshot:


Interestingly, the above message guides visitors to completely uninstall or disable the Adblock extension, instead of whitelisting the domain name.

Being a web publisher myself, I understand that the advertisements support publishers and enable them to offer free and quality content to the visitors. But, I can’t support Indiatimes here, because they show extreme amount of advertisement. For example, see this screenshot (via Reddit) to find their content to ad ratio. I’m worried that this trend would be followed by other online publications soon.

Tip: You can still access articles on Indiatimes even without disabling the ad blocking. For this, simply disable the JavaScript on domain name using browser’s built-in settings or any third-party extension like NoScript. Chrome users can achieve this by visiting Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > JavaScript, and add an exception to block JavaScript execution on entire, as shown in the following screenshot:


IMHO, Indiatimes should definitely reconsider their decision and limit the number of ad units on their portal.

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  1. First of all, big thanks for providing this easy solution to fix this.

    It seems that now every big media house is following this trend in India. NDTV and Amarujala Hindi news site are doing the same. Your solution is working always. Thanks again.

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