How To Disable Search Suggestions in Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser offers search suggestions similar to Google Chrome. This feature is almost same as Chrome’s Omnibox, where users get suggestions for the query text while typing in the address bar. This feature is definitely useful for most of us, but some users may find it useless and want to disable it. Another issue associated with the address bar search suggestion is that your every keystroke in the address bar is sent to your search provider, and may be logged by them.

Thankfully, the Internet Explorer provides a simple and straight forward way to disable search suggestions. You can simply click on the corresponding link as shown in the following screenshot to disable omnibox search suggestions. This would stop showing related search keywords and ensure privacy.


On the other hand, Chrome doesn’t offer any simple way to disable omnibox search suggestions. Chrome users need to open browser’s Settings page and disable the related option.

Once you turn off search suggestions in IE, you can still search from the address bar. You can go even further and disable search in address bar, which doesn’t make any sense though. For this, visit Settings (click on the gear icon) > Manage add-ons > Search Providers and uncheck the corresponding option.


As you can notice in the above screenshot, there is another option “Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider”. IMHO, you should turn on this, which would block third-party programs and installed add-ons from changing your default search engine in Internet Explorer.

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