Mozilla Releases Nightly Builds Of Servo Web Rendering Engine

Servo is a Mozilla-backed project to develop a new browser rendering engine. It is written in Mozilla’s own Rust programming language, and designed for both application and embedded use. The Servo team has now released nightly builds for Linux and macOS platforms. These builds use HTML-based browser UI.

Like several other Mozilla-backed projects, Servo is also an open source project, with source code publicly available on GitHub. This means that anyone can browse the source code, build and contribute to the project.


According to roadmap of the Servo project, the Mozilla would consider replacing components in Gecko with ones written in Rust and shared with Servo. Gecko is Mozilla’s old rendering engine which powers Firefox and few other projects. Although, it is not clear whether Mozilla will ever use Servo entirely for the Firefox or a new standalone web browser.

The following demo video shows Servo build in action:

Interested users can download and install the nightly builds from this page. Windows and Android builds are not available at the moment.

(via Servo Blog)

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