Android Browser with Flash Support? Try Now Browser

Looking for a decent mobile browser for your Android handset with support for Adobe Flash? You should definitely try out the Now Browser. It is really light-weight & fast, and has  a clean & minimal user interface. The Now Browser supports Android 2.2 and above and is very small in size (just 160KB!).

Now Browser has many other attractive features like navigation gestures, incognito mode for browsing privately etc. The free version of Now Browser has one limitation that you can open only 5 tabs at a time, which can be eliminated by purchasing its pro version for $1. The Pro version offers some extra features like ‘X Connectionsave Mode’ and JavaScript Acceleration, which bring data saving and performance improvement for the users. The developer of Now Browser claims that the ‘X Connectionsave Mode’ saves your data by not charging for images, which is not much clear to me.




Of course, it lacks certain other features like data sync with desktop browsers, add-ons like Dolphin browser, but the users would love it for being so light-weight and minimal.

Install Now Browser from Google Play.

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  1. The X Connectionsave Mode it’s a feature that hide images on page loading saving the 3G traffic limit connection.

    JavaScript Superfast Mode it’s a revamped JavaScript rendering: your score on JS benchmarks will be 3 times higher because the native improved rendering engine.

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