“OK Google” On Chromebooks

Chrome and ChromeOS users can use “OK Google” voice command for searching quickly on Google.com. This feature has been available for past few months. Now, Chrome team is planning to take this feature to the next level by matching it to the similar feature on Android’s Google Now launcher. On the dev channel of ChromeOS, users can now opt-in for “OK Google” hotword-hardware detection, which sets up Chromebooks to the always listening mode, similar to Google Now Launcher’s “OK Google” detection from any screen (everywhere).

Once you enable this exciting feature, you can say “OK Google” any time your Chromebook is turned-on and screen is active, to search on Google.

To setup “OK Google” on Chromebook dev channel, open chrome://flags page, enable the flag “enable-hotword-hardware” and restart your device. Now, you should see a notification to enable the “OK Google” voice command. Alternatively, you can enable it from the Settings > Search, as shown in the following screenshot:


The next steps involve personalizing your voice command by providing your voice samples, which is again similar to Google Now Launcher on Android.





After completing these steps, you are ready to enjoy voice search any time your Chromebook is turned-on and screen is active.

As this feature is currently under development, it is limited just to search on Google. I hope to see more commands like launching an installed app, staring Hangouts calls, playing music etc. in coming days.

(h/t Francois Beaufort)

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  1. Hey there! You know how in the first picture , it says enable Ok Google and under it is written say ok google when the screen is on and unlocked , mine doesn’t say that , its written when new tab , google.com and app launcher . I can’t seem to do this. I do have the latest chrome OS. Help me please, really want to use this 🙂

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