PowerPoint Online Viewer Tools

Don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, and need to view any presentation file? Thankfully, there are many PowerPoint online viewer applications enabling you to open and view PowerPoint presentations without downloading or installing any software to your computer. These web-based PowerPoint alternatives render slides and executes animations similar to the Microsoft PowerPoint desktop program – and work across Windows, Linux, macOS and other platforms.

We are suggesting you these three cool online tools to open PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX) files, and view the content:

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft offers Office Online suite where you can find web versions of all popular MS Office packages including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These online apps allow you to create, edit and open various Office file formats for free. Microsoft Office Online is integrated with the OneDrive and Dropbox, so the users can save and access their files easily.


powerpoint online viewer


To open and view your PowerPoint file, visit the Office Online homepage and login with your Microsoft account. Now, access the OneDrive and upload your file there. Once you have successfully uploaded your file to your OneDrive account, you can access it in the PowerPoint Online web app. Apparently, one can’t directly upload files to PowerPoint Online, and this is a huge drawback of this. Well, we have found that the PowerPoint Online renders presentations very accurately, and that’s why we recommend it over other suggested tools.

Bonus Tip:  You must use our “Open with Office Online” browser extension for Chrome to quickly open online presentations.

Gmail and Google Slides

Simplest way! Use Gmail to compose an email to yourself, attach your PowerPoint file and send. Now open the received email, click on the attachment and you are done! Gmail shows preview of PowerPoint presentations along with several other file formats including PDFs.


While the Gmail shows just a basic preview of the presentation, you can go one step further and open the file using Google Slides. For this, just click the yellow icon on the top bar (marked in the above screenshot) and you would be redirected to the Google Slides automatically. Using Google Slides, you can see advanced view, and also play the slideshow.

Google Slides is a featured cloud based application, and part of Google’s online Office application, Google Docs. You can use it to create, edit and view PowerPoint files. It is deeply integrated with Gmail and Google Drive.

Bonus Tip: Use our “Open with Google Drive Viewer” Chrome extension to view online presentations using Google Slides.


You can see a basic preview of any PowerPoint presentation saved in your Dropbox account just by clicking on it. So, if you have a PowerPoint file to view, upload it to your Dropbox account and click on it. Another advantage of using Dropbox is that its desktop and mobile apps offer seamless synchronization over the connected computers and mobile devices. Moreover, you can enjoy the sync even with the Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

There are tons of other online tools to open PowerPoint and other file formats, but we believe that the above three applications are the best in terms of rendering the file content properly.

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