Opera Mini Showing Interstitial Ads

If you use Opera Mini on your mobile devices, you may have noticed that Opera has started showing interstitial ads recently, at least on the Android platform. These ads appear quite often and block your browsing. Unfortunately, there is no way to opt-out of these interstitial advertisements. Here are few screenshots of such ads:







Opera already shows sponsored speed dial items on the new tab page, promoting its partner sites and its own mobile app store, which is acceptable but these interstitial advertisements are quite annoying.

Of course, the Opera Software is not running a charity, and ad revenue is required to fund its server-side data compression feature.

Update: How to block interstitial ads in Opera Mini?

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3 thoughts on “Opera Mini Showing Interstitial Ads”

  1. what is this server:interstitial thing in address bar? the ads still appear even if I click on the continue browsing button at the bottom several times.

    moving to UC browser …… not good opera.

  2. why it is showing interstitial: and when click on continue browsing button, does not take to next page but to javascript:void(). not working most of the time.

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