Picture-in-Picture Mode Coming to Chrome on Desktop

Google Chrome 69, which is currently in beta, has enabled a very interesting feature for the users on desktop platforms. Similar to Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode, Chrome users on Windows, Mac, ChromeOS and Linux can watch videos in detached floating windows. The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode is already available on Chrome for Android.

The PIP mode enables user to watch videos in a popup miniature window which appears above all other activities or windows. Hence, users can watch PIP videos while interacting with other applications or Chrome tabs.

Although , the Chrome 69 Beta has enabled PIP mode by default, users can manually enable it by turning on the Chrome flag #enable-surfaces-for-videos:


Hopefully, the PIP mode on desktop platforms should land to the regular stable builds with Chrome 69 release.

Here are the screenshots of Picture-in-Picture mode on Windows:

picture-in-picture mode windows

(Enable Picture-in-Picture mode on Chrome for Windows)

chrome windows picture-in-picture

(See larger image)

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