Firefox Preview To Support Extensions

Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox Preview browser would support WebExtension APIs based browser extensions on Android platform. GeckoView is a new browser engine being developed by Mozilla with the aim to replace its current browser engine

Chrome Drops Support for Android ICS

Google Chrome team today announced to stop releasing new versions for “Ice Cream Sandwich” version of Android. After the release of Chrome 42, which is scheduled in mid-April 2015, ICS devices would not receive any further update.

Why You Should Not Use Chrome and Firefox Clones

Google’s Chrome browser is based on its open-source Chromium project, which simply means that anyone can create a Chrome clone and distribute it publicly under the open source licensing terms. Similarly, Mozilla also releases its Firefox browser under the open source license which allows anyone to create a forked version of Firefox with specific customizations … Read more

Download Atlas Browser for Android

Atlas Web Browser for Android is a new browser for Android devices with refreshing UI and customizable features. Built on the top of Android’s native rendering engine, Atlas offers features like built-in ad blocking, content filtering and page resources information.

Wear Internet Browser for Android Wear devices

Internet browser for smartwatch? Yes, it is here! The appfour team has released an internet browser for Android Wear devices, Wear Internet Browser, which is built on the top of open-source Chromium project powering Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers available on desktop and mobile platforms. According to, users can browse web on it using … Read more

Android Browser with Flash Support? Try Now Browser

Looking for a decent mobile browser for your Android handset with support for Adobe Flash? You should definitely try out the Now Browser. It is really light-weight & fast, and has a clean & minimal user interface.