Transfer Files To Chromebooks from Windows, Android and iOS

Intel recently released a very helpful application for the users of Intel-powered Chromebooks. This small utility, named “Intel Easy Migration”, helps such users to move their existing files to Chromebooks from Windows, iOS and Android devices.

When a user installs and runs Intel Easy Migration on any supported operating system, the application starts moving user’s data to his/her Google Drive account. Users can also opt for moving just selected files instead of all. Once migration process completes, users can access these files easily on their Chromebooks through the Files app of ChromeOS. Apart from files, the app can also transfer other user data like bookmarks from browsers and contacts from installed apps (like Outlook contacts on Windows).



One can install Intel Easy Migration from this link.

Although this small application is quite useful for migrating files (including images and videos) and other user data to Chromebooks, it has certain limitations as well. Your files wouldn’t move to a ChromeOS device but to Google Drive, which sounds fine as Chromebooks generally have 16 or 32 GB of storage. Moreover, the app works only for the users of Intel powered Chromebooks. Chromebook owners can use this extension to check if their device is powered by an Intel processor.

If you don’t want to use the Intel Easy Migration tool, you can always move your files and other data manually. For transferring files (images, audio, video, documents etc.), use a USB drive and copy-&-paste your files. Similarly, you can transfer other user data too. One can also use the Google Drive application for Windows for moving files to Google’s cloud.

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  1. I want to move music files from my chromebook to my pc via usb jump drive. Windows does not see any files on my jump drive.

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