UC Browser Removed From Google Play Store

Surprisingly, the popular mobile browser from China’s Alibaba group, UC Browser, is missing from the Google Play Store. It looks like Google has removed it from the Play Store may be because of the allegations of users data theft. We have asked UC Web for further details, and would update this post if we get any clarification from them.

UC Browser is one of most popular mobile browsers in the world, specially in countries like China and India. According to the StatCounter.com, it has around 48% market share. In its core, UC Browser for Android is a Chromium based browser, but it lags far behind the current version of Chromium builds. In fact, they shipped Chromium 40 based preview build recently, while the latest stable build of Chrome for Android is at version # 62 (h/t @adityapunjani).

uc browser

An important reason for the huge popularity of UC browser and its mini version UC Browser Mini (which is still live on the Play Store) is the server-side data compression which reduces bandwidth usage and hence results faster loading even on slow internet connections.

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Update: It’s back on the Google Play store after a short ban. Apparently, it was removed because of using “Misleading” and “Unhealthy” methods of promotions to increase number of installations.

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  1. Don’t jump to conclusions before you have any evidence.
    Although the UC browser is based on Chromium, it changes a lot of source code.

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