How To Uninstall Chromebook Apps?

There could be several reasons to uninstall applications on a Chromebook device. You may want to remove pre-installed apps just because you are not sure to use them in future. You may want to free up system memory by removing apps. Can’t figure out how to remove a certain app from your Chromebook or other ChromeOS device? Here is a helpful guide on uninstalling installed apps on Chromebook.

Uninstall from Launcher

Click on Chromebook’s launcher, which is similar to the Start menu of Windows operating system. Now, click on the up arrow icon to expand the launcher and see all the apps (see the following screenshot):


Right click on any app’s icon, which should open a contextual menu with an option to remove the app.


The Chrome OS app launcher lists both types of Chrome apps, packaged applications and hosted apps or website launchers.

Using non Chrome OS Device

On Windows, Linux and Mac, you can see all installed Chrome apps and their properties right from a special Apps page (type chrome://apps/ in the address bar and hit enter key). This Apps page is not accessible on ChromeOS devices, may be because Google wants you to use the App Launcher.


So, if you have a non Chrome OS device like a laptop running Windows or Linux, and you are using Chrome browser with the same Google account on it, you can benefit from Chrome sync. Open chrome://apps page on Google Chrome running on your non Chrome OS device, and uninstall desired apps by right clicking on them. Once removed from your Windows or Linux device, it should be removed automatically from Chrome OS as well, thanks to Chrome sync.

11 thoughts on “How To Uninstall Chromebook Apps?”

  1. This did not work on my Acer Chromebook, and believe me – I tried many, many times. All right-click does is open the app.

  2. @Alina and @Jennifer: Please right click on app icon (tap the touchpad with two fingers simultaneously)

  3. I couldn’t get this to work either when I 2-finger clicked in the icon in the app launcher, BUT, try doing the 2-finger click on the app name, not the icon. Then I got the drop down list to uninstall.

  4. for anyone who cant figure it out please listen and follow my directions. open your chrome web store. then click on the settings icon next to your email address there you will see “My Extensions & Apps” click on that. Then you will come to a page that has Installed and Library. Click on Library after that you will be able to remove the apps or extension. Good luck and enjoy

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