Vivaldi Browser for Android

Vivaldi browser is our favourite Chrome alternative on Windows, and we highly recommend it to the power users looking for a Google-less Chromium based browser. The incredible team behind Vivaldi, which includes Opera co-founder Tetzchner, makes it a highly customizable product.

Currently, Vivaldi is available only for desktop platforms (Windows, Linux and macOS). But now, Vivaldi team has confirmed that they are working on the Android version. Although, they have not specified any release date, but we hope to see it very soon.

vivaldi browser android

Thanks to Android’s open ecosystem policies, we already have many good web browsers on the Android platform. Chrome is my default browser on Android, and I like to use Firefox Focus and Brave. I’m very excited for Vivaldi for Android, and expect it to bring several power features similar to the desktop version like those for tab management and UI customizations. A feature-rich browser from a reliable team would certainly attract users interested in Google-free and privacy friendly product.

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  1. Since last year they say that they are going to release a version, and so far not even an alpha release, they are very behind in that, I hope that when it arrives it will be quite functional.

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