Wear Internet Browser for Android Wear devices

Internet browser for smartwatch? Yes, it is here! The appfour team has released an internet browser for Android Wear devices, Wear Internet Browser, which is built on the top of open-source Chromium project powering Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers available on desktop and mobile platforms.

android wear browser

According to AndroidPolice.com, users can browse web on it using voice commands and its companion app for Android. It also integrates with phone’s browser intents, which enables users to ‘push’ web pages to their smartwatche from phone. The Wear Internet Browser (WIB) offers smooth touch scrolling and pinch-to-zoom.

android wear web browser app

The following video shows WIB in action:

To try out the WIB, install its companion app on phone or tablet from Google Play, which installs WIB on the connected Android Wear device.

2 thoughts on “Wear Internet Browser for Android Wear devices”

  1. looks great project. surprising if the developer would port this wear internet browser for Apple Watch. This shouldn’t be tough …. as the Chrome and Mobile Safari are using almost the same code base (webkit).

    High hopes for the future and Apple Watch device!

  2. Totally Crap… used to be free but now there’s an ugly “Free Version” message over the app which prevents use. This project was created using code from the free open source chromium browser. In any case I am dissapointed in the owner if they were planning to monetize this application they should at least have given existing users free access. I won’t be purchasing this application but if another paid browser comes along I’ll be giving them my money instead.

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